Major cuts coming to city budget

By Melissa Hankins - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Major cuts to Charlotte Mecklenburg police and firefighter paychecks could be one of the major cuts in the upcoming city budet. Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx said the coming year will be the worst the city has seen yet as far as the recssion goes.

Fox outlined the cuts in his annual state of the city address. He says when it comes to the economy, there's always a delayed effect in government. While the private sector has already taken its biggest blows, the city won't feel the full effect of that until it's time to tally reduced taxes.

The mayor said, there's one word that comes to mind as he reflects over the past year, and it's a word we should remember in 2011 when things get truly tough for our local government: "Resilience.  I mean, this community is an amazing resilient place. From people I met during the town hall meetings that I did back in January and February to businesses that continue to work every day to keep their workforce employed and to keep their doors open to the folks that I've met walking in the shoes of homeless people (42 37 20) We've got a lot of work to do as a community but the thing I want people to realize is that if you look back over the last year, we've done an awful lot."

And the mayor of course talked about those high notes this morning: leaps in transportation, moving from an almost 13 percent unemployment rate to adding 8,500 new jobs, but he also talked about a committee he appointed to recommend cuts for the coming year.

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