Things you should buy generic

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you are looking to save a few dollars between now and the holidays, consider shopping generic.  There are certain products that are virtually the same as their brand name counterparts, but they cost considerably less.

The number one thing on our list of things to buy generic is over-the-counter medicine.  The feds require the same amount of active ingredient in the generics as they do in the name brand, and your savings can be huge.  We found some generics that were 60 percent less expensive than the name brand products.

If you drink bottled water, consider store brand the next time you load up your grocery cart.  Aquafina, a leading water name brand, even admits its water is made with water from a tap.  The savings on generic bottled water can be as high as 57 percent.

All of us want to make sure our babies are getting all the nutrients they need and that's why most parents don't mind spending an extra $13 on name brand infant formula.  But the Infant Formula Act of 1980 requires all manufacturers of infant formula to follow very specific guidelines in production and ingredients.  So spending more on a name brand doesn't mean you are getting better quality.

The web site suggests pantry staples like sugar and flour as a good way to save.  The web site argues that when they're used in recipes, you cannot tell the difference in taste.

According to tech experts, the biggest savings will happen if you buy generic or store brand cables for that shiny new hi-def TV Santa is leaving Christmas morning.  According to the experts, the generic cables work just as well, and the picture is just as crisp with the less expensive cables.  We're talking about a savings of up to $100!

These are just a few items to consider buying generic or store brand.  As you can see, the savings could be huge.

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