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See, Click, Fix: Homeowner no longer stumped over tree dispute

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - "I know I, or you, don't want to be standing under it when it comes all the way down," says Tim Reid. Those were his comments two weeks ago about a dead tree outside his yard.

The large branches were already falling apart into Tim's backyard on Quail Field Drive in Charlotte, but he couldn't get his homeowner's association or management company to do anything about it.

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So See, Click, Fix stepped in to get this problem solved. We got the homeowner's association to look at it and they agreed it needed to be cut.

A tree company came in Monday and cut the tree down. The problem is now a two foot tall stump.

Tim let us know by phone how thrilled he was when he first saw the tree cut to the ground,"All I wanted was for the tree to get down. It's down. We feel safe now letting my dog out in the back. My wife will actually walk in the backyard again. We're very happy. We're very thrilled with the outcome. We just want to thank everybody for all you did. We appreciate it so much."

Tim also said, had this tree been standing during the storm that hit the area two days ago, there's no doubt in his mind the winds would have knocked the tree down.

He said the timing of the tree cutting couldn't be better.

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