Time Warner raising rates

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  Time Warner Cable says it is raising rates for its customers.

In a letter hitting homes across our area this week, the company says, "when costs rise we need to pass on some of these costs to our customers to maintain the high level of service you expect from us."

Time Warner blames this increase on an increase it pays for sports and broadcast programming.

"Due to continued rising costs," the letter continues, "prices for some services will increase on your next bill statement."

Some of the services getting more expensive include basic cable, digital cable, Road Runner, and equipment fees.

But Time Warner is also urging customers to call in to try to talk about "money saving triple play packages."

Today, customers told us it's a tough time to be raising rates.

"And it's not only the timing," Time Warner customer Billy Mann said. "They already charge enough."