What you should never buy generic

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  –  The popularity of store brands or generic brand products has risen while the economy has taken a tumble.  More and more people are turning to generic brand products to try and save.

But there are some cases when generic  just is not worth the savings.  The web site simpledollar.com put garbage bags to the test and found generic bags just don't cut it.  The brand name bags cost, on average, three cents more per bag, but according to the web site are worth it.  When using the generic brand, those testing, found they needed more bags to carry the same load as the more expensive brand names.

No one wants to skimp on baby, but Consumer Reports found dramatic differences name brand versus generic.  The generics absorbed almost as much liquid but fit was the big issue.  And we know a poorly fitting diaper means a bigger headache then is worth the savings.

The GoodHousekeeping Research Institute found generic brand dish detergent was also not worth the savings.  A study by the institute found it took more generic soap to w ash the same amount of dishes, so the savings is a real wash.

Paper products are also more durable in the popular brands. Consumer Reports found lower priced paper products meant fewer fibers.  That of course means more product needed to clean the same mess.

Tune in Monday December 6th when we tell you the items you should ALWAYS buy generic.  We're always on your side, stretching your dollar and helping you save.