See, Click, Fix: Damaged telephone pole getting replaced

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - At, Carl writes See, Click, Fix saying, "I jog by this pole everyday I believe that if we get a really strong wind it is going to topple over. This pole has a transformer on it as well. I am very concerned that this could fall at any point and possibly cause an injury."

The pole is at Sugarcreek and N. Graham in Charlotte. We got on the case to check it out.

Near the bottom of the pole it was clear it was rammed in to. It's surprising it didn't just split in half. We confirmed a car did slam into this pole in September.

After some investigating we learned AT&T owns this pole so we contacted them directly. They got back with us the same day to let us know a new pole is going up either tomorrow or Monday.

As for the power lines, Duke energy plans to transfer their equipment to the new pole once it's up.

Problem solved.

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