Black Friday shopping tips

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Is the day after Thanksgiving a kick-back and relax day, or a full-out deal-grabbing shopping spree?  Black Friday shoppers are getting ready and getting extra sleep.

WBTV wants to help arm those early morning shoppers with some advice before they head out.

Angie Hicks is the brains behind "Angie's List", a subscription web service, which offers advice on just about anything.

"We all want to be as efficient as possible when we are out fighting the crowds so the best bet is to do your research before you head out to the sales," Hicks said.

Extended warranties fall under that umbrella.

"If you are standing at the register and you haven't done your research, skip it.  You can potentially come back to the store and buy one if you want one or there are third party retailers you can buy from. The key here is how are you going to use it," said Hicks.

A recent Angies List poll showed people aren't taking advantage of the warranties they buy.

Hicks also suggests to snatch up a particular product if it's on your "must have" list and you think it's priced fairly, don't wait to buy it.  It's a lesson learned from last year.

"We heard a lot of stories last year that people were holding out for the best deal and they weren't getting the item they wanted because they found stores weren't stocking as much inventory as prior years," said Hicks.