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On The Road: Helms Christmas Tree Farm

By Liz Horton - bio l email

VALE, NC (WBTV) - It's hard to feel anything but festive as you drive onto Christmas Tree Lane. There, Henry Helms and his staff are busy preparing for the rush of the holiday season. And this year, Helms says there is no shortage of trees."Right now a little over six thousand!"

There are tiny seedlings and giant pines.

"We're the doctor, we keep 'em healthy a healthy tree is just like a child you have to take care of them and make sure they stay healthy," said Helms.

His farm has been in business for thirty seven years, and people from all over the country are taking notice. Katie Dougherty, is on a mission to find the perfect Christmas tree for her mother in Pennsylvania. "That's all she wanted for Christmas, so she'll get it delivered on Thanksgiving."

She opted for a Fraser fir-- that's one of the seven species they sell.

"She went online she did an extensive search and this was the farm she felt was best and she has made multiple phone calls to Mr. And Mrs. Helms to find the perfect tree," said Dougherty.

Feeling inspired, I set out to find and cut my annual evergreen. Helm's Farm allows you to choose and cut your own using a kid friendly saw.

"When you cut it, you know it's fresh. It just don't get no fresher than that," said Helms.

Dougherty is also a fan of the festive experience. " It's great I love it, I mean we're going to get our wreaths here, our tree, multiple tress now because as my family is seeing pictures they all want one."

It's a quality product at an affordable price, that is sure to spread Christmas cheer.

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START:  1 Julian Price Pl, Charlotte, NC 28208-5211 US

    1. Start out going NORTH on JULIAN PRICE PL toward W MOREHEAD ST/US-29.  (go 0 miles)

    2. Take the 1st RIGHT onto W MOREHEAD ST/US-29.  (go 0.39 miles)

    3. Take the 1st LEFT onto FREEDOM DR/NC-27 W.  (go 2.14 miles)

    4. Merge onto I-85 S via the ramp on the LEFT toward GASTONIA.  (go 17.81 miles)

    5. Merge onto US-321 N via EXIT 17 toward DALLAS/LINCOLNTON/GASTON COL.  (go 9.13 miles)

    6. Take the US-321-BUS exit, EXIT 20, toward HIGH SHOALS/LINCOLNTON.  (go 0.29 miles)

    7. Turn LEFT onto NC-155/US-321-BUS/S HIGHWAY 321. Continue to follow S HIGHWAY 321.  (go 3.47 miles)

    8. Merge onto NC-150-BYP/W NC-150-BYP via the ramp on the LEFT.  (go 2.34 miles)

    9. NC-150-BYP/W NC-150-BYP becomes NC-150 W.  (go 0.04 miles)

    10. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto NC-150 E.  (go 2.01 miles)

    11. Turn LEFT onto NC-27.  (go 9.11 miles)

    12. Turn SHARP RIGHT onto BEAM LUMBER RD.  (go 1.21 miles)

    13. Turn LEFT onto JOHN BEAM RD.  (go 0.39 miles)

    14. Take the 1st LEFT onto CHRISTMAS TREE LN.  (go 0.1 miles)

    15. [6300-6399] CHRISTMAS TREE LN.  (go 0 miles)

END: [6300-6399] Christmas Tree Lyn, Vale, NC 28168 US

 TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 1 hour 2 minutes | DISTANCE: 48.43 miles


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