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Cover Story: Balancing security and privacy

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Enemy at the gates.  With airport screeners getting so touchy feely air traveler angst is mounting.

A national revolt against the Transportation Security Administration could spell disaster at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and all across the country.

The head of the TSA is practically begging people not to boycott airport body scans this Wednesday.

It's the busiest travel day of the year.  And there are growing calls for a national opt-out day - a widespread protest that could virtually shut down the nation's airports and skies.

But that's sort of of the point.  People are fed up. They say they don't want their bodies on display and they say they don't want to be groped and degraded.  They just want to get home to see their families.

What would happen at Charlotte Douglas if this protest came to fruition?  That's a place airport and airline officials don't want to go.

A mass request of passengers forgoing the body scanners and having to go through the pat-down procedures will lead to incredibly long lines at airports and potentially cause delayed or missed flights.

Americans have put up with a lot since 9/11.  Are they finally drawing the line?

PrimeTime's Jeff Atkinson has a look in our Cover Story.


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