City ordered to release Marcus Jackson papers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A newly amended state law aimed at creating more sunshine for public records pushed a judge to order the release of personnel papers relating to former CMPD officer Marcus Jackson.

Jackson was fired in December of 2009, after allegations surfaced that he tried to grope two women during traffic stops. Jackson is charged with sexual battery and is awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, his case sparked a civil lawsuit which called the city into question for hiring and keeping Jackson on the job. Jackson had two domestic violence episodes, only one of which the CMPD said it knew about.

The newly released papers also say Jackson had two suspensions during the first 14 months of his employment at CMPD.

This comes as CMPD released records on dozens of other officers also suspended the past five years. Some have been suspended several times, some for several weeks at a time.

The worst suspension deals with Officer TS Phillips, suspended for the equivalent of 18 weeks. Sgt. KL Weaver was also suspended for the equivalent of 12 weeks.

Officer DB Holshouser was suspended five times in a year-and-a-half. The records show Holshouser was suspended twice on two separate days.

Officer TA Kanipe was also suspended four times within a year.

Officer N Ouandeoudone was suspended four times within two years. Two suspensions fall on the same day.

The records do not explain the circumstances surrounding those suspensions.

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