Adam Baker interview transcript

(The following is a transcript of an interview between WBTV's Steve Ohnesorge and Adam Baker, the father of Zahra Baker. This is Baker's first sit down interview since Zahra went missing.)

BACKGROUND: On Friday, Hickory Police say they had enough evidence [remains] to say they found Zahra Baker, who went missing more than a month ago from her Hickory home. Police said test results on a bone found during a search showed that Zahra was dead.

Court papers filed by Adam's wife, Elisa, said the body had been dismembered and remains had been scattered in several locations across Caldwell County.

Steve Ohnesorge: What did you think of everything they did tonight?

Adam Baker: I thought it was really.. Really nice. Very, uh .. Very appropriate.

Steve Ohnesorge: Now do you wanted to be there.

Adam Baker:  Yeah. I would have liked to have gone, but I didn't want everybody to, uh, take their focus off Zahra, which, everybody needs to get some kind of closure.

Steve Ohnesorge: Have you experienced where people have yelled at you, said things?

Adam Baker: Yeah,

Steve Ohnesorge: What have you heard? What have people said?

Adam Baker: Ummm .. That I'm a child abuser, um, a murderer.

Steve Ohnesorge: People have called you a murderer?

Adam Baker: Yeah.

Steve Ohnesorge: what do you say to them?

Adam Baker: Everybody has their own opinion, um, there's no way in the world that I would have hurt my daughter.

Steve Ohnesorge: So people need to know you didn't do this?

Adam Baker: No. There's no way I could do that to my baby.

Steve Ohnesorge: You didn't dismember her?

Adam Baker: (shakes head) uh-unh. No.

tape break shows Adam Baker watching vigil on computer (short)

Steve Ohnesorge: What does it mean to you, the fact that they did this (the vigil)?

Adam Baker: No. Meant the world to me. Especially Tom [Adkins, Hickory Police Chief] speaking. Umm, I've had a lot of time with Tom, and he's .. Very down-to-earth. Speaks from the heart. Umm. He pretty much summed up Zahra.

Steve Ohnesorge: Where do you think it goes from here? There's a lot. Do you want to at some point go back to Australia or do you want to make your life here, somewhere in the United States?

Adam Baker: umm .. I think I'm going to go back to Australia. I have a family here, but most of my family, and Zahra's family is in Australia.

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Steve Ohnesorge: Do you want to take Zahra back with you?

Adam Baker: (softly) Yeah.

Steve Ohnesorge: Do you think that's where she deserves to be, or what do you think?

Adam Baker: I think that's where she'd want to be.

Steve Ohnesorge: Do you think that's where she deserves to be, or what do you think?

Adam Baker: I think that's where she'd want to be. Umm.. She has a lot of friends, and a lot of family in Australia. Umm... that need her to be over there.

Steve Ohnesorge: Your overall thoughts at this point. This has been a difficult day, but for the people that were out there today. That were out there to remember Zahra, what would you say to them?

Adam Baker: Umm. I'd like to thank everybody for coming to the vigil. Umm. I'd like to thank the organizers for setting that up. I'd like to thank the Hickory Police, all the other law enforcement agencies and the community, for everything they've done for Zahra.

Steve Ohnesorge: This has been a tough, tough thing. You haven't been able to really say what you want to say, have you?

Adam Baker: (shakes head) No. No, umm it's been very hard to try and grieve for my daughter. Umm. With everything that's going on. Umm. it's very hard to go and do stuff without people looking at you. Yelling things..

Steve Ohnesorge: Saying things to you.

Adam Baker: Yeah.

Steve Ohnesorge: Calling you murderer

Adam Baker: (nods) Yeah.

Steve Ohnesorge: But you've got a positive outlook. You think that things are going to work out, you believe..

Adam Baker: I, I, I just um .. I just hope that, uh .. The police get all the evidence they need to uh .. To get the, the right result and justice for Zahra.

Steve Ohnesorge: What is the right result?

Adam Baker: That uh, whoever they find guilty of this..

Steve Ohnesorge: Do you think Elisa was involved?

Adam Baker: (looks away towards his lawyer, avoids eye contact .. Then refocuses on Ohnesorge). I'm (shrugs shoulders) I haven't been given all the details on what's been going on.

Steve Ohnesorge: (adjusts camera) Overall thoughts on, we had the vigil tonight, but this doesn't end, I mean, you're still -- this doesn't end the grieving process. I mean, this just .. You're still hurting, (camera re-steadies) that's going to go .. Will the hurt ever go away, do you think?

Adam Baker(softly) ... ... (phone rings) .. This uhh...

(Video break)

Steve Ohnesorge: The hurt won't go away?

Adam Baker: No. There's no possible way to uh (shrugs shoulders) .. Ever fill the hole left by my daughter. (camera adjusts)

Steve Ohnesorge: We've got mom. Mom's there. Can I ask you, how much did this mean to have something like this? It doesn't bring closure, but ... But it helps? (cam steadies)

Karen Baker: It helps. It's nice to see people remember the small. Please remember the small, the fun. She taught us to be strong. We learned a lot from that little girl, and I hope everybody else just remembers the small.

Steve Ohnesorge: What about, he's still your little boy. (mom smiles at Adam baker still rubbing his back) I mean, this is tough on the family, but you're with him. You're gonna stay by him.

Karen Baker: I'll stay by my son. It's really hard to listen to people call him murderer and child abuser. But people don't know, and the police will .. Find out exactly what happened, and then we'll all know the truth. And then the world will see that he loved his daughter. And she meant the world to him.