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Man works 60 years in the same job

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you've ever been to the Folger Buick Service Center on Independence Boulevard in Charlotte, you've likely seen Don Douglas at work. If you went there 60 years ago, you probably saw him, at work.

The 78 year-old Buick mechanic has worked in the same job since someone gave him a chance when he was 18.

The younger guys go to him with tough problems. He taught most of the younger guys he works with how to solve the complex problems that come with today's cars.

The young guys like to say Don's first test light came with a wick, since the younger guys probably don't know they had electricity way back when Don started working.

He's never missed any days of work either, unless you consider the 4 weeks back in '95 when Don has to have bypass surgery on his heart. He could have easily retired, but instead he brought his re-built engine back to work and kept on plugging away under the hood.

He says he's considering retiring. But at this point that's all. Just a consideration.

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