Timeline of Zahra Baker case

OCTOBER 9 (early morning): Adam/Elisa Baker, father and stepmother of Zahra Baker, report fire in the mulch near their home. They also report a ransom note found on a vehicle and gasoline poured in a truck.

OCTOBER 9 (mid afternoon): Zahra, 10, reported missing by father Adam Baker in 911 call.

(It is later learned that she was last seen by someone other than parents on Sept. 25 at furniture store with Elisa Baker)

OCT. 9 -- 911 call: (Related story and full audio of call) Adam suggests that Zahra was taken during the melee when a fire was set in the back yard of his home….by possible mysterious kidnappers: "We checked in there last night around 2:30am and she was there…I don't know if they set a fire in the yard to distract us to go out and then they snuck in the door."

9-1-1 operator asks why he's calling after 12 hours: "he explained that he was used to not seeing her ... even laughed about what he called her 'brooding stage'.

"My daughter I think is coming into puberty, cause she is hitting that brooding stage,(laughter) so we only see her when she comes out when she wants something and that's about it." Baker goes on to briefly describe Zahra and says the "kidnappers" stole her prosthetic leg.

OCTOBER 10: After 'inconsistencies' in her story, Elisa Baker is arrested. (Read a story about Elisa Baker's background)

OCTOBER11: Search Warrant reveals cadaver dogs detect human remains in two cars on Baker property in Hickory. (Related story  | Search warrant document)

OCTOBER 12: Amber Alert canceled; Hickory Police Chief fights back tears when he says it is now a homicide investigation.

OCTOBER 12: Elisa Baker new charges added: obstruction of justice…police say she admitted to writing the ransom note to distract police searching for Zahra.

OCTOBER 12: Some members of the family -- a woman who was married to Elisa Baker's cousin -- talks to CBS describe 'horrible home life" for Zahra. (Read a story about relatives)

OCTOBER 13: Search crews with cadaver dogs search large area near Adam Baker's job in wood chips for clues

OCTOBER 13: Elisa Baker faces judge on obstruction charge (felony). Baker sits emotionless. Police say that she has admitted to faking a ransom note found on Oct. 9

Just before sunset crews drain pond in rural Burke County after tip, no sign of Zahra

East Hickory Baptist Church holds vigil for Zahra

OCTOBER 15: Search crews remove bed frame and mattress from their old apartment in Caldwell County.

Managers of apt. complex say they believe the young girl was kept in attic, found signs of struggle in closet.

OCTOBER 20: Elisa Baker bond hearing, Baker's biological daughter spoke for state. Amber Fairchild said Elisa never worked and got $10,000 cash from man in London. Judge raised bond: from 40K to 65K, citing "unsettling allegations".

OCTOBER 21: Crews move search massive Caldwell County Landfill remove several mattresses

OCTOBER 22: Crews end search of landfill. Tell us it was Zahra's mattress they were searching for but the ones found were NOT hers.

OCTOBER 24: Elisa Baker goes with investigators to at least one location, close to her old home in Hudson as they search for Zahra.

OCTOBER 25: Elisa Baker is again taken by SUV with detectives to location off Dudley Shoals Road and Christie Road near the Baker's old home in Caldwell County.

OCTOBER 25: The North Carolina Defense Council assigns Lisa Dubs to the Elisa Baker case. Dubs specializes in capital cases.

OCTOBER 26: workers regarding area of search at Caldwell County landfill unearth a mattress fitting the description of Zahra Bakers, sent to lab for DNA testing

OCTOBER 27: HPD reveals they believe they've found Zahra's prosthetic leg. Found at the Christie Road site where Elisa Baker was earlier in the week. The leg later turns out to be Zahra's.

OCTOBER 28: Crews at the Baker home digging in the back yard and searching the mulch areas around the home.

NOVEMBER 1: Alleged jailhouse letters of Elisa Baker come to light. They were allegedly sent by Baker to someone she believed was a friend, but turned out to be a website about serial killers. (Read a related story)

NOVEMBER 3: A bone is found during a search along Christie Road in Caldwell County. It was sent to be analyzed.

NOVEMBER 5: The media is finally allowed in the Hickory Baker home (Related story). Inside clothes are left in Zahra's closet, but investigators have torn up the floor, walls and ceiling looking for evidence.

NOVEMBER 6: Adam Baker moves last items out of the home, which the Baker family has been evicted from.

NOVEMBER 10: Police find "possible human remains" along the banks of Little River off Dudley Shoals Road in Caldwell County.

NOVEMBER 11: Zahra's biological mother Emily Dietrich travels to the United States and visits the Hickory area. (Related story about her visit and background)

NOVEMBER 16: Zahra's birthday when she will be 11 years old. A vigil is planned. (Related story)


Zahra Baker: 10 years old when disappeared October 9th. Neighbors didn't even know she was in the home…people who lived close by told us: "we didn't even know they had a child".

Zahra survived two battles with cancer, losing her leg Also hearing impaired.

Attended Hudson Elementary School last spring: also attended Granite Falls Elementary. But, she was being "home schooled" when she disappeared.

Adam Baker: 33 years old. Zahra's dad from Australia, met wife Elisa online, moved here around 2007 to be with her.

Adam Baker Charges: Bonded out of jail Wednesday October 27th five counts worthless checks, five counts failing to appear, one for a count of assault with deadly weapon

Elisa Baker: 42 yrs old. met Adam, married a couple years ago. arrested October 10, police noted 'inconsistencies' in her info on Zahra's disappearance.

Elisa Baker Charges: Felony obstruction of justice charge, after allegedly admitting to police that she forged a ransom note referring to the kidnapping. Also faces unrelated charges of worthless checks.

'Cooperating' with police: Week of Oct. 24 took authorities to two areas where they searched. Caldwell Co. on Christie Road near Hudson, near their old home.

Zahra's Biological Mother Emily Dietrich: In Australia: reportedly abandoned Zahra at birth. Traveled to USA on Nov. 11. (Related story about her visit and background)

Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins: Emotional throughout this, promised justice for Zahra. Fought back tears when told members of the media, this is now a homicide investigation.