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Kids with an online identity before they are born

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This week we're talking about your child's digital footprint.  9 out of 10 children will have an online presence by the time they are two years old. 

A new study, sponsored by the AVG security company, shows how this is happening and what you might want to think about before you post cute baby pictures online. 

This can be a fun way to share photos with family.  However, WBTV's cyber expert, Theresa Payton, talks about why you want to follow a few rules before you post.

According to the recent report, parents are starting young posting sonograms and online photo albums of their children.  Some parents even register domain names and email address for their kids. 

We now have a unique situation where kids take their first digital step before they even leave the womb! 

The benefit is the child will grow up and have a digital record of their life and will see video and comments posted by people, who over the years, may no longer be with us.

The potential downside is, you are creating a digital record that starts, sometimes from before they are born.  We truly do not know how that might be used by cybercreeps now or in the future.

In a recent survey, AVG security company asked Mom's if they are concerned about the amount of information being captured online about their kids and Moms rated their concerns a 3.5 out of 5. 

Theresa has two quick tips for parents to keep in mind:

  1. PRIVACY SETTINGS:  Double check all your social settings and privacy profiles.  Make sure you don't post all the details about your child that could create identity theft issues.
  2. THINK AHEAD:  Be your child as a teenager or young adult, what might be cute to you today to post, might embarrass them later if it is out on the web – remember, digital is forever!

Web Resources:

For tips on keeping your kids safe on the internet, you have lots of wonderful resources.  We have highlighted just a few of them here:

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