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Latest problems reported on See, Click, Fix get fixed

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – One problem reported on the See, Click, Fix page at is in the Farmington Ridge subdivision.

John writes on our web site, "Two consecutive street lights in the subdivision have been out for the longest time."

John says he contacted the property management company and the power company then writes, "…this is so confusing and has taken so long. No one is taking responsibility for the repairs."

We checked in with Duke energy who maintains numerous street lights. They told us the two street lights were repaired in this subdivision last Wednesday. With it getting dark earlier now, the timing couldn't be better for this problem to be resolved.

A follow up to another See, Click, Fix. Remember this jungle of a sidewalk on Central Avenue?

This is in the 2600 block where folks had to duck and bend over just to pass by. Since reporting it to Charlotte Code Enforcement, the problem has gotten a lot better. The out of control trees have been cut making it a lot easier to walk this path. Plus the ivy has been cut back from the sidewalk and all the dead leaves are gone.

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