See, Click, Fix: Who should repair damaged floor?

By John Carter - bio l email

DENVER, NC (WBTV) -  Alisa Stamper hired a company to deliver and install a built in microwave/oven combination at her home in Denver.  But as the worker was putting it in he dropped the 150 pound unit on Alisa's hardwood kitchen floor.

Alisa says, "I was sitting there and I just hear this crashing!  Oh goodness, what just happened, and I was afraid to turn around and look, because I knew that there was this huge double oven and all this in here...!"

Alisa says the worker apologized and took full responsibility for dropping the unit and damaging the floor.

However, issues developed when Alisa contacted the owner of the company about having the floor repaired.  And for months and months nothing was getting done about having the floor fixed.

That's when See, Click, Fix became involved.  We wanted to know what it would take to fix the floor, so we asked Brad Little, the president of Case Handyman and Remodeling to take a look.

He told us, "What we've got is a damaged hardwood floor, and unfortunately, the only way to repair make it look as it was originally, is to make the repair to the wood...sand it down...stain it...and refinish the floor. The entire kitchen floor? The entire kitchen floor, that's right."

The estimated cost to repair was about $1900.  Once we had that information I contacted the owner of the company responsible for the damage.

As it turns out, he tells me he sold that company but was still willing to work out something.  He told me he wasn't sure refinishing the entire floor was the answer, but as our discussion continued, he finally agreed to put his insurance company in touch with Alisa.

Since that time she's talked with the insurance folks and once they work things out, the floor should be repaired.

And Alisa has advice for anyone who's having any work done at their home.  Be sure to check them out thoroughly before you have the work done.  You can call the Better Business Bureau.  There's also a service called Angie's List, which has business ratings and other information.  For example, Case Handyman and Remodeling is one of its highest rated businesses.  There are other sources as well.

That doesn't guarantee there won't be problems, but it may keep them to a minimum if there are.

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