Trading Treasures

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -   Have you finished the latest vampire series of books, and now they just sit on the shelf?  Those books could be just what you need to find some new treasures.  The trading web site allows you to trade what you have for what you want.

Kathy Campenelli has saved hundreds of dollars with  She and her family love to read and trading books means they get the books she wants.  "It's very fun," Campenelli said.  "I really do get a kick out of going on the site and finding something, you just pay the shipping and a small transaction fee and send it off and it is fun!"

Kathy looks at some of the titles she's found on  She points out hardcover books that new would have cost her $25.95.  "I love this author and this book would have cost me $14.95 new.  This was just the cost of shipping," Campenelli said.

Here is how the web site works.  You become a member, and then enter the items you want to trade.  You can trade books, movies, television shows, and video games.  You just enter the item's UPC code and the site will call up the cover and create your page.

You must enter the condition of the item.  And keep it real, if the book has been enjoyed and it a little dog-eared, be honest.  You want the other person to know what they are getting.

Your next step is to create your 'want list'.  This allows others on the site to know what you have that they might want and vice versa.  This is when the trading begins.  "Then you rate the condition it is in and that it is available to trade, it is really that easy," according to Campenelli.

Some of the books Campenelli showed me looked brand new.  She said even some of the shows she's made a trade for would have been nice enough to wrap and give as presents.

She also thinks is a great teaching tool for kids.  "If you have a child that wants a new book, and has one that is not too worn out, let them see what is available, and make a trade, it's a good lesson for them too," Campenelli said.

So before you toss a box of books to the curb, or sell them for a dime at a yard sale, think about what those books might get you if you just trade.

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