Waddell students send last minute message to school board members, "Save our school!"

By Kay Johnson - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Waddell high school students make a last minute plea to school board members. On Tuesday, the board will vote on closing up to ten schools. Students still don't know if Waddell will be on the list.

"We're just sitting here confused, trying to figure out what's going on," Junior Adrian Smith said.

Students gathered Sunday night around the spirit rock outside the school. They voiced concerns and said prayers. Art teacher Ashley Graham wants the school board to keep their promise of putting neighborhood schools first.

"Is this about our building? Because it's not about our kids," Graham said.

Some school board members admit the school closure process has been flawed. But say the financial strain isn't going away. Jennifer Roberts is just one of several commissioner who hoped Tuesday's vote could be delayed but since a majority of school members say it's full steam ahead  - Roberts turns her attention to the future.

"What I'm hoping is we have more community process in what happens next," Roberts said. She calls on the community - churches, non-profits and businesses - to stand by students as adjustments take place.

"It's stressful, your high school is closing or moving somewhere else. You don't know where you are going to be next year. You've got siblings with things going on. Those kids need to continue to succeed in school. Any adult who has a half hour free to be a tutor, be a lunch buddy, we have all those programs in our schools. And it's just needed now more than ever," Roberts said.

"If they closed down Waddell, it will be my third high school," Smith said.

As of Sunday, school board member Joyce Waddell was the only one WBTV spoke with you wanted to delay a vote. In an email board member Joe White said "[The] School Board did not create the situation, but must deal with it.  Time will not make tough decisions any easier or more popular."