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Cat trapped in tree for 7 days

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

MAIDEN, NC (WBTV) - They say you never see a cat skeleton in a tree which is supposed to mean cats will come down when they're ready.

But Carlos, so far, isn't budging.

The long-haired gray cat somehow shimmied himself up a tree perched 120 feet over a ravine. His owner Kathy Wilcox has tried everything to get him to come down. With an army of friends and neighbors helping, they've even tried building a ramp up to the tree with a can of tuna nailed to it.

He's not buying it.

So far the cat seems to still be alert and appears to be drinking rainwater from leaves and by cleaning his own fur.

Kathy hopes someone will hear about Carlos's plight and have an idea that will help get him down.

If you have any ideas, email us!

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