PSI: Credit card payment mystery solved

By Jamie Boll - bio l email
Produced by Jeff Keene - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Richard Brooks had what appeared to be an easily solved math problem.

"They said my original balance was $1029," said Brooks.

He had been paying on that balance for the past two-and-a-half years.  He had paid more than $800 dollars total.  So, imagine the shock when a letter showed up in his mailbox from a collection agency saying he still owed $997.

"I was very disturbed, angry," said Brooks. "I just didn't know where my payments were going."

His payments had actually been to Hess Kennedy.  The credit counseling company put together a multi-year play to whittle down debt Brooks had on several credit cards.  He made one payment per month and Hess Kennedy would distribute the funds to the various lenders.

"They checked it out, they said there was no check checks returned," said Brooks.  "All checks were sent to them, they were cashed."

Including the checks sent to Citi Bank.  The holder of the debt he owed for a Texaco card now in question.

"I'm not asking for a bailout," said Brooks.  "I'm just asking for a correct number to pay."

Adding to the frustration Brooks could not get the bank to send him any past statements.  Citi Bank also held a couple other of Brooks' cards.  Those payments were being credited.

WBTV's "Problem Solvers" contacted Citi Bank.  A spokesperson said the bank didn't accept the original payment plan and Brooks' money had been placed in a holding account.  The company then sent a statement saying in part "We are sending a letter to Mr. Richard Brooks' attention notifying him that we have addressed all his concerns about his account."

"I don't even know how they arrived at these totals," said Brooks because he had to see any statements.

Over the weekend that changed.  Citi Bank sent Brooks statements via express mail.  He's still going over the numbers and Citi Bank is checking the rest of his accounts to make sure they all add up.

Bottom line, Brooks is no longer facing threats from a collection agency.

"I'm very happy we're making progress," said Brooks. "Very happy."

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