Federal judge rules on alleged NC voting problems

By Tom Roussey - bio l email

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - Twice in three days, Republicans in Matthews said there's been trouble with voting machines at the Town's library.

On Saturday, a federal judge in Wake County ruled on alleged irregularities and similar complaints statewide.

The judge said each county's Board of Elections must have signs posted at polling sites to remind voters that "touch screen" voting machines can be sensitive, and to ask for help if they need it.

The judge also reiterated that voter complaints must be logged and reported, and that voting information on the machines must be preserved. Those are already requirements.

The firestorm erupted in Mecklenburg, when local GOP leaders said several people at the Matthews location tried to vote straight Republican, only to find when they reviewed their vote that the machine said they were voting straight Democrat.

A handful of similar complaints around the state led the state GOP to file a lawsuit Friday against the state Board of Elections.

One complaint in Matthews came on Wednesday and the other on Friday.  In both cases the Mecklenburg Board of Elections says they checked the voting machine that was being complained about and it appeared to be working fine.

The Board of Elections says in both cases the machines were recalibrated just to be safe.

The Board says no one voted for candidates they didn't want to vote for.  They say in both cases the voters said they caught the mistakes while reviewing their ballot and before casting their final vote.

All the complaints that have come in center around touch-screen electronic voting machines, which are being used in 35 North Carolina counties, including Mecklenburg.

The state board of elections says these are just isolated complaints and they're confident in the electronic voting machines.

But Republicans say they're worried they're losing votes they should be getting.