Charges dropped in another Fant case

By Steve Crump - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - James Orr of Mint Hill said he went to jail for a crime that was never committed.

"They charged me with robbing somebody who didn't have proof that he was robbed or not," he said.

Orr is 69 years old, but five years ago at age 64, he was charged with robbing Anthony Kirkland, a total stranger, in a West Trade Street parking lot.

Orr said he had never met Kirkland until being flagged down by the supposed crime victim.

Police showed up moments later, and took him in for questioning.

Orr who had never been in serious trouble was surprised at the tone used by a particular investigator.

He said, "Detective Fant wanted to believe in him more than he would believe in me."

According to the police report from five years ago, detective Arvin Fant was assigned to the case.

"I think that he was negligent in his job, because nothing that came through that interrogation made any sense,"  Orr said.

Orr questions the robbery charges, he also faced conspiracy offenses, but no co conspirator was ever found.

So for several months, this building contractor fought the system, by hiring an attorney, spending thousands of his own dollars.

Eventually all of the charges were dismissed, so what does he think should happen to Arvin Fantt.

"I think that should be entirely up to the city and the police department."

Orr just wants his life back.

"For the last five years, I haven't had peace of mind from that situation."

Orr wants an apology from the city of Charlotte.

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