Inside Elisa Baker's Rap Sheet

HICKORY, North Carolina - By Steve Crump - bio l email

When it comes to showing up in court, Elisa Baker is not very reliable.

We found that out while uncovering Court documents against her.

Her arrest warrant contains just a few simple facts, Baker's mug shot, her address, and the charges she faces.

But so much of what investigators have found out relating to Zahra's disappearance remains confidential.

According to Catawba County District Attorney Jay Gaither, "It is a judicial decision. It is done for the integrity of the investigation, or for the protection of witnesses."

He would not talk specifically about the ten-year old's disappearance. But said in many cases the contents of search warrants are not released because it could jeopardize the work of Police. "If it could hamper or hinder the investigation, then we'd seek, but they'd be sealed."

We've also learned more about Elisa Baker's history with the courts in our State in recent years.

According to documents we uncovered at the Catawba County Courthouse, Baker has been a no-show for 15 traffic violations in several counties going back to the 1990s.

Meanwhile, it may be months before we find out what investigators have taken from a number of search locations they've scoured to find the missing child.

The D.A. has been tipping his hand, but will only say that some cases deserve this level of scrutiny. This coming Monday, the Catawba County Grand Jury convenes at ten o'clock. Sources say it is possible that Baker could face more charges later that day.

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