See, Click, Fix: Railroad tracks get a new look

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Driving down highway 160, you can tell cars were slowing down to avoid driving over railroad tracks.

Ryan wrote to us online saying, "these are by far the roughest railroad tracks I have ever driven over. Every time I go over them it rattles my entire car whether I am going 5 mph or the posted 50 mph."

No matter which direction you're driving in on 160, what you get after crossing the railroad tracks is more than you or your car asked for.

It took many calls but we found out Norfolk Southern Corporation owns these tracks. After our calls to the company telling them about your complaints, it promised to get the job fixed. The company even gave us a drop dead date of October 21.

Norfolk Southern stood by its word. Our cameras were there as crews were laying down a fresh layer of tar last Thursday. Now that the problem is fixed, it's smooth sailing for this part of Steele Creek Road from now on.

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