Claremont digging out after taking major storm hit

CLAREMONT, NC (WBTV) - The town of Claremont in Catawba County is recovering after Tuesday night's storms left many buildings damaged and some people homeless.

Damage was so severe that a two shelters were opened overnight: Cooksville Fire Department and Claremont Elementary School.

In one area of Claremont, part of a building's roof collapsed and crews have been removing the debris most of the morning.

A lot of power came with the storm -- enough to topple over the trailers to semis -- several of them.

Also here in town, just behind the mom and pops Country Ham building -- more destruction -- tall and heavy trees snapped in half in seconds.

There also more direct hits -- one on a man's home. Both he and his girlfriend rode out the storm together.

When they heard that noise coming, she thought it was a train but he knew exactly what was coming.

"It sounded like a train coming and I told my girlfriend that's not a train and we hit the floor and by the time it was all said and done about 15 seconds later this is what we were left with," said Mike Olsen, a Claremont resident. "This was the 3rd one I've been through, I didn't like the first two and I didn't like this one either."

Quite a lot of damage is what they were left with.

Olsen's girlfriend's car is buried under a tree -- but again, both of them survived as did everyone else here in Claremont.

Mike Olsen says he'd much rather replace material things because he can't replace life.

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