Transcript of Adam Baker's 911 Call

DISPATCHER: 911 what is your emergency?

ADAM BAKER: Ah.. yeah my daughter is missing.

DISPATCHER: I'm sorry? Your daughter…

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ADAM BAKER: My daughter is missing.

DISPATCHER: Your daughter is missing.

DISPATCHER: What is your address?

ADAM BAKER: 21 21st Ave. Northwest.

ADAM BAKER: The police were out here last night. They found a ransom note for my bosses daughter… um… I got up a little while ago… and it appears they took my daughter instead of my bosses daughter.

DISPATCHER: How old is your daughter?

ADAM BAKER: She is 10. She's handicapped.. she has a prosthetic leg… so that…

DISPATCHER: How long has seen been missing?

ADAM BAKER: Ummm. We checked in there last night about 2:30 and she was there... and all this happened last night around 5 I don't know if they set a fire in the yard to distract us to go out and then they snuck in the door... or.. I don't know.

DISPATCHER: I am not familiar with what happened last night... what happened last night?

ADAM BAKER: OK. Last night...we woke up.. my dog woke me up and I had a fire in the back yard and somebody had poured gas in my company vehicle I drive to work. They left a ransom note on my company vehicle to my boss saying they had his daughter and his son was next.

ADAM BAKER: And his daughter is fine. His daughter came with him last night when I called him. And uh, It appears they may have taken my daughter instead of his daughter.

DISPATCHER: OK, Do you know who this was?

ADAM BAKER: I don't know who... No... no ma'am..

DISPATCHER: Do you know any idea why they were threatening to take his daughter?

ADAM BAKER: I don't know.

DISPATCHER: What is your name?

ADAM BAKER: My name is Adam Baker.

DISPATCHER: Phone number?

ADAM BAKER: 962-xxxx

DISPATCHER: OK, so.. No one has seen your daughter since 2:30 this morning...? [It is now after 2 pm that day]

ADAM BAKER: No.. like I said we, uh, had all that drama last night and we... me and my wife went back to bed. And my daughter is I think's coming into puberty.. cause she is hitting that brooding stage (laughter) so we only see her when she comes out when she wants something. And that's about it.

DISPATCHER: And you say she is handicapped..?

ADAM BAKER: Yes ma'am.. she has an above the knee amputation.

DISPATCHER: OK, she has one leg and it is partially amputated?

ADAM BAKER: Yes, she has a prosthetic leg that they apparently have taken with them.

DISPATCHER: So... Prosthetic leg was taken with her?

ADAM BAKER: Yes ma'am..

DISPATCHER: OK. And you don't have any idea at all...

ADAM BAKER: Like I said it was it was all addressed to him and it was all taken out on him and.. I guess.. they thought he lived in this house...

DISPATCHER: OK.. ok.. did you talk to your boss about it?

ADAM BAKER: Um... I have just spoken to him and he umm told me to do... and he's going to be here shortly....

DISPATCHER: OK.. do you think that he knows?

ADAM BAKER: Umm.. we had an officer out here last night and he ran through who he thought it may have been like an ex-employee or something..

DISPATCHER: OK and you said 21 25th Ave. Northwest?

ADAM BAKER: 21 21st Ave.

DISPATCHER: OK.. 21 21st ave.

DISPATCHER: OK.. Hold on just a sec.

ADAM BAKER: OK. Thank you


DISPATCHER: OK... I see it now. I wasn't finding the call.. OK.

ADAM BAKER: It was officer .. [unintelligible]

DISPATCHER: Ok, we are getting the police out there.. if you find out anything at all in the meantime before we get the officer out there call me back and it would help us as far as finding your daughter.

ADAM BAKER: Ok. Thank you ma'am