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Stretching your dollar: Bridal Bargains

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Love is in the air at WBTV. My photographer for this series of reports, Alison Toole, is now Mrs. Bronson Hill. Alison and Bronson wed this weekend in a ceremony that was both beautiful and within budget!! Alison scoured the big box stores for the accents that set a romantic scene.

As Alison, and most brides will tell you, you have to set your wedding day priorities. Bari Lanning, WBTV's 5pm producer is planning an April wedding. "We reconnected on Facebook," says Lanning. "We discovered we have everything in common."

Today, two years later, that college friend is now her fiancé. "I'm pretty excited it's not too stressful yet. We're getting a lot of the big things done and taken care of. It's all the small details that we need to work on," Lanning says. The big things are the location, the photographer, and the food. That takes a major part of your budget. But for the accents, for the scene setters, Bari turned to a web site called "We're making our own centerpieces, our own flower arrangements," Lanning says.

Lanning and her fiancé Brian, also found a bridal expo helpful in their search for a wedding cake. "It was the only thing that we found, but it was worth it. We're going to save $150 bucks on our cake," according to Lanning.

Perhaps the most important detail Bari has worked out, "We're remembering this is one day, it's one party and people are going to remember the memories more than they're going to remember how much things cost" says Lanning.

Below is a link to the site Bari found such treasures. You will also find a web site that promises a wedding calculator.

Saving on crafts:

How much could your wedding cost?

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