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See, Click, Fix: Overgrowth turning public sidewalk into "jungle"

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The best way to describe this problem is 'welcome to the jungle.' The overgrowth is on a public sidewalk at the 2600 block of Central Avenue. Ironically the cross street is called Ivey Drive.

And there is plenty of ivy and weeds here. If you look up, the trees on the property adjacent to it have grown so high they're tangled in the power lines, and hang over to form a tunnel-like covering that goes for several feet.

The ivy spills over the retaining wall and it's already spilling over into the sidewalk. You also have to duck to walk under the trees hanging over, on what should be a clear path on a public sidewalk.

It's almost humorous to watch people duck here and duck there just to get through it. But one pedestrian we talked to, Bob, says this problem is no laughing matter.

"That's a perfect place for somebody to hide that wants to rob somebody or what have you--right there!," he says.

We immediately got on the phones with the City of Charlotte Code Enforcement. In the past the agency has fixed many of the problems you have reported to See, Click, Fix. This is another that's expected to be added to the list.

At the time this story was reported Code Enforcement was still in the process of making a final decision on what they'll do with this area.  We do know high weeds and grass, especially when they exceed a certain length, are a code violation.

If something like this is in your neighborhood there is a way you can report a violation from home, right at your computer.

Click here to go to the Charlotte Code Enforcement form online to submit your request for service.

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