On The Road: Carolina Renaissance Festival

By Liz Horton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This week I traveled to Huntersville for the 16th annual Carolina Renaissance Festival. "You've heard about it. You're hearing about it. People talk about it all the time. Come out and see what everyone's talking about!" Marketing director Matt Siegel showed me around the 22 acre property. I immediately felt as if I was stepping into the pages of a fairy tale.

"There is a little bit of history and a touch of fantasy. We have fairies, magicians, fantasy characters," said Siegel.

It's hard to miss all of the colorful costumes and entertaining performers around. Music, rides, and games appeal to visitors of all ages.

That's why Rich Keagy made the trek from south Charlotte with his family. "If it's a nice day, it's a wonderful way to spend it with your family and ride the rides, and let them have a great time," Keagy said.

The biggest draw is the jousting arena, which seats 2500 people. There are three shows to choose from each performed by professional stunt crews.  Another favorite is the food, especially the giant turkey leg. It will all transform you and leave you smiling and perhaps humming a tune.

Siegel says that's the best part of his job. " My favorite part is at the end of the day being up at the front gate when everyone is headed out and seeing the looks on their faces..."

"As much fun as we're having it's really affordable," commented Keagy.

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START:  Charlotte, NC 28208 US

1. Start out going NORTHWEST on HEYWOOD AVE toward LIGGETT ST.  (go 0.0 miles)

2. Turn RIGHT onto LIGGETT ST.  (go 0.0 miles)

3. Turn LEFT onto ASHLEY RD.  (go 0.8 miles)

4. Turn LEFT onto FREEDOM DR/NC-27.  (go 0.1 miles)

5. Merge onto I-85 N toward CONCORD.  (go 3.2 miles)

6. Merge onto I-77 N via EXIT 38 toward STATESVILLE.  (go 12.1 miles)

7. Take the NC-73 exit, EXIT 25, toward CONCORD/HUNTERSVILLE.  (go 0.3 miles)

8. Turn RIGHT onto SAM FURR RD/NC-73 E. Continue to follow NC-73 E.  (go 6.4 miles)

9. Turn RIGHT onto POPLAR TENT CHURCH RD.  (go 0.1 miles)

10. 16445 POPLAR TENT RD.  (go 0.0 miles)

END: Carolina Renaissance Festival, 16445 Poplar Tent Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078 US

TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 27 minutes | DISTANCE: 23.27 miles