Warm Citrus Spiced Wine

Presented by Blair Cannon
Fellow, The Hospitality College ~ Johnson & Wales University
Yield:  Six Cups

Warm Citrus Spiced Wine

1 each bottle                 Cabernet Sav, Merlot, or Syrah

1 cup                            granulated sugar

2 sticks             cinnamon or 2 tbs ground cinnamon

2 slices                         fresh ginger root or 1 tbs ground ginger

3 each                          cloves

1 each                          star of anise

2 each                          blood oranges, sliced, or 1 each navel oranges

½ each                         lemon, sliced

Pinch of each                nutmeg and allspice

½ cup                           honey

Garnish: Blood Orange Segments and a sugared glass with Sugar in the Raw


  1. Combine all ingredients and soak for 1-day in advance
  2. Pour Mix into large sauce pot or crock pot and bring to a simmer slowly
  3. Serve in a separate container or strain into another bowl

Garnish glass ware with orange segments and a sugared glass rim.