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Missing dog returns, 8 years later

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

MOORESBORO, NC (WBTV) - When Nero first went missing 8 years ago, the Dixon's searched for him for days.

They thought he had been hit by a car and run off in the woods to die. Their searches turned disheartening when they never turned up their 3 year old Belgian Malanois.

8 years passed with no sign of him. Then, one day the phone rang. An animal control officer asked Elsie Dixon if she was missing a dog named Nero. Elsie said she got so excited she squealed.

Their missing dog was soon returned home, a little worse for the wear but still alive and still their baby boy.

Nero is back to life as usual after 8 years of who-knows-what. Elsie says she's just glad to have her dog back.

It's clear from watching Nero follow her around and nudge in next to her, he's glad to be home.



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