Warrants issued related to IV drug use at party on NC island

OAK ISLAND, NC (WECT) - Allegations surrounding a summer party in Oak Island have now led to a state investigation and warrants being issued.

The Oak Island Police Department has issued warrants for the people they think administered I-V's to party-goers.  Police are searching for 27-year-old, Paul David Garner and 23-year-old, Justin Tyler Moore. Both are believed to be living in Mooresboro, North Carolina.

The warrants were issued for practicing medicine without obtaining a medical license. The party happened in August at a home belonging to an Oak Island firefighter.

Police say at some point, the medication, "phenergan," was given through an I-V to two women who drank too much.

The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) already launched a full investigation into an incident in which medication may have been illegally administered at a party by two people who were not legally allowed to administer the drugs.

The initial investigation was launched by the Oak Island Police Department and is ongoing.

According to a police report taken on August 13, someone illegally gave Phenergan through an intravenous line to two women at the party. According to the Food and Drug Administration, Phenergan has several uses including treating allergies, sedation, and stopping motion sickness, nausea, and vomiting.

The party was held at 263 Northeast 36th Street on Oak Island. It was an annual pig pickin' and overnight event hosted by a member of Oak Island Fire and Rescue and his wife.

The town of Oak Island originally investigated a complaint about the party as a personnel matter, since a town employee hosted the event.  The investigation was completed and closed, and the host cleared of wrongdoing.

September 29, a criminal investigation was re-opened by Oak Island Police and is still going on.

An anonymous source reports the investigation was reopened because of a complaint from a town employee who attended the party.  According to the source, the employee told police someone at the party provided his wife's prescription medication to two non-Oak Island EMS workers who then administered the drugs to the women.  The same source reports the women were drunk and nauseated.

It's still unclear who administered the Phenergan. They may have been current or former EMS workers from nearby areas.

"This possibly could be a very big problem," explained Brian Watts CEM, Brunswick County EMS Division Director. "There's a trust factor where the public trusts the emergency medical services personnel to do what they do in a matter that is safe for the public."

Brunswick County's EMS Division Director said his department conducted an investigation to make sure no Brunswick County EMS workers were involved.  At this time, it appears county workers had nothing to do with the incident.

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