See Click Fix: Bridge over I-85 has potholes

By John Carter - bio l email

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - It's not exactly a "bridge over troubled water", but it is a bridge that a viewer says is trouble.  It's the New Hope Road Bridge that crosses I-85 in Gaston County and it's certainly one of the heaviest traveled bridges in the county.

A viewer writes See, Click, Fix: "The only words I have to describe it: I didn't know it was safe for bridges to have major pot holes. There are pot holes on the bridge itself, in both directions. There are pot holes where the bridge connects with the road. Not only is it wear and tear on the cars that pass by, it also has me worrying about my safety."

We took a look and found enough pock marks and craters on the bridge that almost make the moon look smooth in comparison.

It appears this bridge is indeed in need of some serious work.

So I contacted Gary Spangler with the NC Department of Transportation and here's what he told me in an e-mail:  "We have just re-surfaced New Hope Road in the area, but the bridge deck itself was not redone.  But we need to check it out...I'm asking our Bridge department to investigate and make necessary repairs."

And today I can report the state DOT is taking action.   According to Spangler:  "We have a list of bridges that require pot hole patching, and Gaston Bridge number 350002 is on our list.  We will be getting to it very soon."

Of course, we'll let you know when the pot hole work has been completed.  Another See, Click, Fix investigation...another issue solved.

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