Charlotte Crimestoppers air conditioner supply house theft

By Paul Cameron - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Burglars break into an isolated business park on a weekend near I-77 in North Charlotte, twice in the same month, stealing the same thing both times.

The business is an air conditioner supply house.  But crooks weren't looking for copper tubing.  They wanted something lighter than air, but very expensive.

They stole 15 cylinders of recharging gas.  Each one weighs 30 pounds and each one is valued at $125.

CMPD has surveillance photos of two men smashing front door glass, then carting off the gas cylinders in 40 seconds time.

One person grabbed the cylinders, placing them outside the door.  The other transferred them to a waiting vehicle.

Officer Marty Cuthberson says the two robberies in August were done by the same people.

"I would say so," says Cuthberson, "because they both occurred on a Sunday."

Who would be buying these recharge kits?  Police believe it's independent HVAC mechanics who think they're getting a good deal, but don't know the cylinders were stolen.

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