On The Road: Mint Museum grand opening

By Liz Horton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Seven years ago it was a distant vision, a hope of re-installing ancient art into the Queen City.

Today, the Mint Museum will open it's doors for the first time on South Tryon Street. Executive Director, Kathleen Jameson, is excited for the big day.

"We want as many people here as possible, we want to show off what we've done, we want to welcome the community."

The 145,000 square foot facility is home to both the Museum of Art and the Museum of Craft and Design. You will see paintings, costumes, furniture, pottery and decorative arts. It's a melting pot of objects from across the globe.

"We're doing something else that no one else is doing. You get to see work from across the broad spectrum of art, you get to see the most fun objects," said Jameson.

There's no lack of color, size, or shape. The museum also prides itself in showcasing local artists, like Romare Bearden. Jameson says it's here to serve the community. "We're going to have lots of fun things for families and children, she said.

"We're gonna have film, dance parties... we're going to make it as accessible for the entire community as we can."

It's affordable, educational, and food for the soul. Admission is free on Saturday and Sunday to visitors. For more information go to the Mint Museum's website.

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