CMS considers making one school K-12

By Tom Roussey - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - By next school year, one Charlotte-Mecklenburg school could have kids from age five all the way to 18.

The proposal is part of a massive overhaul the school board will vote on by early November.  If approved the overhaul would lead to 12 schools being closed and affect 47 others in some form or fashion.

Marie G. Davis Military Academy is a magnet school that currently goes from 6th-12th grade.  But CMS is proposing sending elementary kids from another magnet school there next year.

That magnet school is Winding Springs Elementary, which is in North Charlotte and over 11 miles away from Marie G. Davis's Southwest Charlotte location.

Winding Springs would become a neighborhood school instead of a magnet school.  CMS says that would relieve overcrowding at nearby Hornets Nest Elementary School.

But some Winding Springs parents are concerned about the change for two reasons.  One is that Marie G. Davis is much farther away than Winding Springs for many of them.

But the other reason -- and the one that concerns parent Will Gause the most -- is the idea of kids as young as five going to school with high school students as old as 18.

"I have a lot of concerns about security," Gause said.  "I think CMS would be setting themselves up for something bad to happen."

Gause says he's very happy with Winding Springs, which specializes in leadership and global economics.  But he says if the school is combined with Marie G. Davis, he won't send his daughter there.

He says he understands CMS has its reasons for proposing this and the many other changes, but he doesn't think the big overhaul should include putting kindergarteners with 12th graders.