COPY-Did Rap Song Influence Montgomery ?

By Steve Crump - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Just a few scant phrases of the Four Minute and 10 second rap song are able be aired before a G-rated audience, but rapper Pastor Troy's Murda man got its share of play before a Mecklenburg County jury.

Prosecutor Beth Greene said in her opening statement that Demeatrius Montgomery listened to the song with gusto not long before officers Clark and Shelton were killed at the Timber Ridge apartments, but do inflammatory violence laced lyrics have the potential of swaying any of the 12 jurors?

Defense attorney Jim Cooney understands the strategy being used against Montgomery, but if people will see him as a cold blooded killer based on the words of a song.

He said,"To a certain extent, they are trying to put him in the middle of a culture and create whatever prejudices come from that culture."

Cooney isn't alone.

"I think they're stretching it. I think that's going too far."

That's according to Former Power 98 personality Janine Davis understands the courtroom logic.

She feels the message falls short.

"If a person is gonna decide they're gonna kill somebody. They're gonna kill somebody. I don't think music can determine that.

"Jim Cooney agrees, and said, "Does anyone think he would have committed murder just by listening to a song. Does that strike you as believable?"

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