Concord reacts to loss of Hamilton, arrest of Harvey

By David Whisenant - bio l email

CONCORD - Residents in Concord today reacted to the tragic loss of 23-year-old Valerie Hamilton, and the capture of her accused killer, Michael Harvey.

Once again people in Concord are coming to mourn.

They're preparing for a candlelight vigil to mourn the loss of Valerie Hamilton, the daughter of police chief Merl Hamilton.

"That's pretty rough on our city," said Mayor Scott Padgett.   "But we'll bounce back, we'll bounce back, that's the only thing you can do, keep going on."

Concord is too big to called a small town, but it is still a close knit community where police officers are like family...that multiplies the grief, but also the comfort.

That's being shown today with an outpouring of purple ribbons.

"I'm so sad, I love my town, I love my mayor," said resident Neva Helms.   "I'm just so upset over this, that this could happen to this young girl in our town."

If there was anything today that took their focus, even briefly off the loss of Valerie Hamilton, it was the news of the capture of her alleged killer.

"It was a tremendous relief and surprise that this gentleman was apprehended so quickly, it's not going to bring Valerie back, but it might save somebody else's life, this gentleman obviously has no regard for human life, I've got to think it brings some relief to Chief Hamilton and his family,"  Mayor Padgett added.

Funeral arrangements have now been released for the service for Valerie Hamilton.

The service will take place at 2 p.m. on Tuesday at the First Presbyterian Church in Concord.  A visitation with the family will take place following the service.

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