See, Click, Fix: Smoothing over bumpy railroad tracks

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - Viewer Ryan writes on our See, Click, Fix page, "These are by far the roughest railroad tracks I have ever driven over. Every time I go over them it rattles my entire car whether I am going 5 mph or the posted 50 mph."

He's talking the set of tracks on Highway 160, also Steel Creek Road. I drove out there to experience it myself and it was by no means smooth. So we are currently in contact with the rail company who owns these lines to see what can be done about them.  We found out the lines are owned by Norfolk Southern Rail Company.

The other set of tracks See, Click, Fix is looking into is about a block from the Sugar Creek and Eastway Drive intersection in Charlotte.

These tracks were banged up. There are big gashes to the pavement right before the rail line itself. In fact, cars kept slowing down before driving over the tracks to avoid the hard bump.

Christine Nelson found out through NC-DOT that when the approach is damaged that's typically when state DOT steps in to fix it.

So now that we brought this to their attention they are in the process of having a crew asses the damage before determining what can be done.

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