Cover Story: Bed bugs making a comeback

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Don't let the bed bugs bite.  Creepy creatures feasting on the flesh of local college kids.  Students who have forced from their dorms by an infestation.

Some students at Catawba College in Salisbury just moved in for the year.  Wednesday they had to move out.

Fliers were passed out Tuesday night telling students they had to pack their stuff and get out so exterminators could get rid of bed bugs.

The itchy, blood suckers discovered on parts of the campus.

But bed bugs are making a comeback, in a big way crawling into homes, hotels, and dorms across the country.

What's going on here?  Last time we heard about bed bugs was when mom told us to sleep tight.

The bugs that were all but eradicated in the U.S. in the 1940s are back with us.

And they're showing up in all the same places they did years ago from poor house to penthouse, schools to surgical suites, cubicles to clothing stores.

As one researcher put it perhaps most unsettling about the 21-st century bed bugs is that we are in uncharted waters.

PrimeTime's Jeff Atkinson explains in our Cover Story.