See, Click, Fix: Overgrown lot no longer a problem for drivers

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A block away from corner of John Price Road and S. Tryon is where the problem has gotten out of control. The overgrown lot is preventing drivers from seeing oncoming traffic. You can barely see the 45 mph speed limit sign among the weeds.

"I have seen two accidents. One was a head on collision-a hit and run," says driver Liz Haley.

Haley often comes to the Bank of America adjacent to the lot, dreading the idea of passing through what should be an easy entry or exit from the bank.

"I'm having to scoot if i'm coming this way all the way over into the trees, scratching up my truck so somebody can get by. Or you're having to pull all the way over the ditch on this side so people can get by," says Haley explaining her driving experience.

After hearing from you on See, Click, Fix we put in our calls to see what can be done, and knew exactly who to contact: Charlotte, Mecklenbug Code Enforcement... who in turn contacted the property owner.

he result? "We have issued him a notice of violation. That gives him seven days to take care of that. If he doesn't the city will do it for him and send him the bill," says the director of Charlotte Code Enforcement Walter Abernethy.

It looks like that won't be necessary. A portion of the lot was cut the next day, preventing what drivers feared was a deadly accident waiting to happen.

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