Mother claims son was sexually assaulted inside hospital

By Derrick Rose bio | email | Twitter

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police detectives are investigating claims that a mentally handicapped teenager was sexually assaulted inside a medical facility.

The child's mother, who is not identifying to protect the teen's identity, said the incident happened at the CMC Randolph Behavioral Health Center sometime between Wednesday or Thursday.

The woman said her child told her another teenaged patient in the same room forced themselves on her child sexually at least two times. "I bring my son to the hospital, he's supposed to be protected," she said, "This isn't like someone hit him, he's actually been raped, this is not just going to go away; my other concern is, are they going to pick this child up and talk to this child?"

For that answer, turned the CMC Director of Public Relations. By phone, Scott White said, "I'm looking into it, but because of federal and state privacy laws, I can't respond."

The mother said she needs a better answer than that. "They're not giving it to me, why did this happen to my son in the hospital, how could that have happened in the hospital," she sobbed, "You took something from him that you can't place that back."

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