Write down those serial numbers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police want you to get your electronics back if they're stolen.  Unfortunately it's pretty hard to prove what's yours if you don't know the exact serial numbers of your items.

Now the CMPD is aggressively trying to get out the message of how important it is to write down your serial numbers.

"People want their personal items back, no matter what it is, they want their stuff back. If they take the time out to record those numbers they will get them back if we get them back," said Tony Crawford, an officer with the CMPD's Crime Prevention unit.

Crawford says the most common items stolen which aren't returned to their rightful owners are GPS units, followed by laptops, and flat screen TV's.

He recommends that, for each electronic item in a home, the serial number be written down and kept in a safe place.  It's the best way to match items to their owners if they're stolen.

As an added layer of protection individuals could take pictures of the items and the metal plate containing the serial number, and instead of etching your name or social security number into the item, Crawford recommends etching in your driver license number and state of issue.

The CMPD property room where all recovered evidence is kept is currently very full.  This is why the department is starting this aggressive campaign to urge people to keep track of their serial numbers.