Montgomery trial reaction

By Steve Crump - bio l email

Charlotte, N.C. (WBTV)  Reminders of what happened at the Timber Ridge Apartments some three years ago are often vulnerable objects.

A flower box in the shape of a cross was reportedly vandalized in recent weeks.

It marks the spot where Officers Clark and Shelton lost their lives, and folks who know the neighborhood question the involvement of accused murderer Demeatrius Montgomery.

Javon Overton is keeping his eyes on the trial and called Montgomery a neighborhood outsider.

"Really  that man wasn't from our area. We really don't know him in this neighborhood like that. Don't nobody know him," Overton said.

He also knows one of the names that has come up in court during the last few days.

In side by side photographs Octavius Elmore bears a striking resemblance to Montgomery, but Overton feels Elmore known as Tae Tae shouldn't be looked at by investigators for the officer's deaths.

Overton said, "he was probably in jail running his mouth, but he is from around this area, but he didn't have anything to do with it."

In the past week, Judge Forrest Bridges pulled the death penalty off the table, after learning investigator Arvin Fantt destroyed some of his notes connected to the an interview with Montgomery.

Reese Stewart who has been watching the trial developments offered this observation.

He said, "They're gonna have to drop the charges. They've been holding him for no reason."

That's the hope of many folks at Timber Ridge where some residents are on the list to testify.

Javon Overton doesn't mind that some of his neighbors will have to take the stand.

" I mean they should be. If that man didn't do nothing, If there's a real witness that says that man didn't do it. They step forth. I mean that's the way the game should go," he said.

The court proceedings continue on Monday morning.

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