Passing 3 On: To a woman always willing to give

By Brigida Mack - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – It's Thursday and you know what that means. Time to Pass 3 On! Our location this week: the Rivergate Shopping Center in Southwest Charlotte.

We decided to stand in front of Marshall's but we weren't there long when we met Tyletha Blake and her mom, Barbara.

They begin to tell us about a woman everyone called Miss Jo.

So she takes a lot of people in," said Blake. "You know, anybody who needs a home."

Not only that, Tyletha's mom Barbara, who lives several states away says Miss Jo has been a surrogate mom to her daughter.

She said to me yesterday when I met her for the first time, she's like my daughter," she said.

Tracking Miss Jo down wasn't easy -- but we finally did. When we knocked on her door, her son and daughter ran from our cameras and it took some coaxing for to get Miss Jo to come to the door.

"Where's Miss Jo?," Blake asked.  "Miss Jo come, come here!"

Miss Jo was overwhelmed and started crying as soon her surrogate daughter, Tyletha, began to explain why we were at  her house.

"Oh my goodness," Miss Jo said again and again. "Oh my goodness."

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