One-woman mission to collect underwear for kids

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

BARIUM SPRINGS, NC (WBTV) - The Barium Springs Home for Children was braced for this years round of state budget cuts. But they were only braced to loss $400,000.

"We were shocked when we found out they were cutting $950,000," says Lorie Fees, a director with the home.

Many of the shortfalls have been filled in with generous donations from strangers, but no one ever thinks about underwear.

"It's one of the most basic needs for these kids but most people don't consider it," said Fees.

The home takes care of about 2,000 abused and neglected children every year. Those children got a hold of the heart-strings of Denise Moody, and they got a hold of some underwear.

Denise gathered donations from her church, from other churches, from strangers. She collected clothes, shoes, school supplies, and lots and lots of underwear.

"I was called to do this. When God calls you to do something, you don't say no," said Denise.

As dozens of bags were being transferred from Denise's Alexander County home into Barium Spring's vans, one box went inside Denise's home.

Lorie brought the champion for children a box to help Denise make her own ends meet. Pasta, canned food, shampoo, conditioner all for Denise. You don't ever hear her talk about her own struggle.

With a husband out of work and no health insurance, she could use some of the same items she's giving away.

"But she's too busy doing things for other people," said Lorie.

It's the definition of selfless, and the trait of a truly beautiful soul.

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