See, Click, Fix: Grass and weeds obstructing view

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Tall grass and weeds are a no-no in Charlotte.  There's an ordinance that regulates how high grass and weeds are allowed to grow before property owners have to cut it.  Not only can it look bad, it can create a hazard.

See Click Fix was alerted to a stand of grass and weeds along Sunset Road in northwest Charlotte. It looked unkempt and was causing issues with people pulling out of a neighborhood because it obstructs the view of traffic coming down Sunset Road.

A city ordinance says 12 inches is the limit but we found grass higher than six feet!

So who's responsible for taking care of this mess?  The city says it's Ishah, the young woman who owns the house alongside the patch of grass and weeds. Just a few days before we came out, Ishah received a notice from the city telling her to take care of the grass and weeds or she could be fined and possibly face other penalties.

But she feels that's unfair and says, "I don't feel that I should have to cut the grass, because they're responsible and they do come out and cut it five times out of the year.  But when they don't want to cut it, I have to cut it, so, I think that's unjust"

But now the problem is fixed.  A couple of neighbors, with weed eaters in hand, came down and cut the weeds and grass.  And with that the city says the case is closed and Ishah will not be fined.

However, we've learned it is, indeed, Ishah's responsibility to have that area kept up.  The city ordinance is very clear that home owners are required to "maintain their premises in a safe and sanitary condition.

Violations include high weeds/grass "and the home owners' responsibility extends to the edge of the pavement even if there is a right of way that comes between the owner's property and the roadway.

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