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See, Click, Fix: Sidewalk in need of repair?

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You know that old saying about "step on a crack and you'll break your mother's back!"?  If that were true, there's a section of sidewalk in one Charlotte area that would certainly give mom the mother of all backaches!    But because of See, Click, Fix the city is going to look into the matter.

The area where South Boulevard intersects with East Boulevard is very busy. Not just motor traffic but foot traffic as well.  We found a section of sidewalk along South Boulevard in bad shape.  It was cracked and caved in.  But, is it in need of repair?

I called the Charlotte Department of Transportation about the situation.  While it may appear to me that the sidewalk needs repair, I was told it has to be considered "hazardous" before it can be repaired.   In other words, unsightliness or simple cracks are not criteria for making repairs.  Only if the sidewalk might cause people to fall or is inaccessible to folks with disabilities.   But the city certainly wants to check on this, so I was told it is sending a crew out to take a look at the sidewalk and we should know within the next few days if it's a candidate for repairs.

We'll keep you posted on that.

And we have an update on our See, Click, Fix from last Thursday.  We're getting a problem fixed.  We told you about the missing street sign at Lawndale Road and Poindexter Drive in south Charlotte.  The folks at C-DOT weren't aware of the problem until I let them know about it.  But now that they do know about it, they expect to have new signs made in the next two weeks and as soon as they do, they'll have a crew out to install them.

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