Anonymous donor steps in to help animals at shelter

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - The spot right in front of two industrial fans is exactly where one smart cat chose to spend his Friday afternoon.  Those fans were the only relief to the rising temperatures inside the cinder-block building in Fort Mill.

"It may be hot air, but it's air that is blowing around," said Humane Society of York County Director Vickie Frain.

After 11 years the air conditioning unit at the shelter went on the fritz.

"It's coils are clogged with pet fur and kitty litter dust.  I'll put new coils in and that will help in the short term but they need a bigger unit with a better filter to really cool down this whole place," said Frank Garcia.  He's a maintenance worker at a nearby apartment complex who was volunteering his time to help.

Meantime,  water bowls are kept full, and some of the larger dogs were moved to an air conditioned veterinary office to beat the heat.

"It did get a little scary yesterday because you could tell some of the dogs were starting to feel sick, just like we would from the heat, but we're trying our best to keep everybody cool," said Frain.

A new air conditioning unit, the size needed for that size building, would cost thousands of dollars.  The Humane Society is currently struggling to raise the money it needs to move into a new building.  Adding another expense was not in the cards.

Until a member of the WBTV family heard what was happening and agreed to help.

We reached out to a man in Gastonia who owns his own heating and air conditioning business.  He agreed to do "whatever was necessary" to help the animals at the shelter, provided he could remain anonymous.

"Oh, that is such great news, thank you so much," said Frain when we told her this business owner would visit her shelter Friday night to see what was necessary to help.

Frain told us the broken air conditioning unit finally got fixed Friday evening at 5. However, that's not the only good news for the Humane Society. Another person offered to donate a new air conditioning unit so the building can have two. The man in Gastonia who offered to help told Frain he would stop by and install the new unit whenever it was ready.

For more information about the Humane Society of York County, click here.

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