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Tax-free weekend kicks off in the Carolinas

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV & AP) - Let the sales and savings begin!  The tax-free weekend is officially underway in both South and North Carolina.

Some shoppers were out buying school supplies early Friday morning.

"We did save and were happy about saving," one Wal-Mart customer told WBTV.

Click here for a list of items tax free in North Carolina.
Click here for a list of items tax free in South Carolina.

The tax-free weekend is already causing smiles for people in Charlotte who are getting an early start on deals on school supplies for their children.


The state sales tax in South Carolina is 6 percent, but local taxes can push it to 8 percent in some counties.

North Carolina's state sales tax is 5.75 percent.  Local taxes bring it to 7.75 percent in most counties.  Mecklenburg County, however, has the highest rate at 8.25 percent.

"Yeah, it's just another way to save you know, in this rough economy," Robert Daniels said.

Daniels says he saved a lot of money at Wal-Mart which is just one of many retailers in North and South Carolina participating in the weekend event to help everyone save while they spend.

"Obviously, when the customers are able to save money, the volume does go up at that point," Wal-Mart Manager Tony Sams said.

Across the Tar Heel state, the items you can buy without paying the sales tax this weekend includes computers less than $3,500, computer accessories less than $250, clothing under $100, and sports equipment under $50.

Still, the items store managers expect to make the biggest sales on are school supplies including binders, notebooks, and wire-bound notebooks.

In the Palmetto state, you can even add household items such as linens, towels, shower curtains and rugs to your shopping cart, all tax free.   Diapers and wedding gowns are also included on the list of tax-free items.

"We will be back, we'll definitely be back, probably early in the morning when there's no crowds, because tomorrow there will be crowds," Daniels said.

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